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Churros garden Bangkok

Churros Delivery

Get your favorite Churros delivered directly to your house by our messenger.

Churros catering Bangkok

Secret Churros Garden

Come and try our delicious home-made Churros at our Secret Churros garden with a lot of activities and entertainment fork ids and parents.

Churros Delivery Bangkok

Churros Events

Churros catering services for your fun event or your kids birthday party.

Churros Services

We offer the best and most tasty home-made Churros in Bangkok. Our traditional Churros are made from our Granny secret recipe and you will find out the difference with the usual industrial Churros offered in Bangkok. Our Churros are offered through different Churros services in Bangkok. They can be delivered directly at your home, you can savor them at our secret Churros Garden and we also offer Churros catering services for events and kids birthday parties.

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Churros delivery

Lazy to come to our Churros shop and planning a ‘’Netflix and Chill’’ night at your condo or house? No worries, we got you covered with our Bangkok Churros service delivery, directly delivered to your doorstep. It is not a secret that Churros are much better hot, eaten when just fried, that is why we have special packaging to keep your favorite Churros hot and Crispy when they arrive at your home.

Our shop is located in Bangkok center, so we do not offer delivery outside of Bangkok center as the delivery price would be expensive compared to the Churros price and they might get there not as hot and crispy as a real Churros amateur would like.

Alternatively, if you want your Churros straight from the pan, hot and crispy, the best option is to come savor them or pick them us at our Secret Churros Garden. Our Secret Churros garden is a lovely green garden in a traditional villa in Bangkok center, located just behind K Village and Big C Rama 4 in Bangkok center.

Churros delivery Bangkok

Secret Churros garden

Check our Churros shop located in Bangkok center: Our Secret Churros garden. If you are looking for a peaceful environment to savor the best Churros in Bangkok, no need to look further. Enter our green garden to relax the time of enjoying our savory Churros. Equipped with Jaccuzzi, petanque filed, foosball table, VR game room and many more services, and entertaining activities on demand.

Spend a fun day at our garden venue with your friends, kids or family with our amazing Churros services. Our Churros secret garden can also be privatized for your brunches and small events, with a large choice of Thai and French main dishes, to savor before getting to our Churros desserts. Or you can just pass by to have your coffee or hot chocolate with our Churros services.

Churros garden Bangkok

Churros catering services for events

Bangkok Churros Mania also offer Churros catering service for your special celebrations, as part of our ‘’Churros Services’’. Whether you plan a small party at home or your kids birthday party, our Churros catering services are available to add a fun touch of fun and enjoyment to your event.

We can deliver our delicious Churros directly to your event venue or we can offer a one stop catering service, with an unlimited Churros buffet for your guest to continuously get hot and crispy Churros during your event.

Beside Churros buffet options, we also offer our Churros food cart, as part of our Churros services. Add a fun carnival touch to your event with our Churros cart in Bangkok!

Churros birthday Bangkok

To summarize, Bangkok Churros Mania offers outstanding Churros services in Bangkok, including Churros delivery to your doorstep, Hot and crispy Churros at our secret garden, or opt for our Churros catering services, Churros buffet or Churros cart for your fun event!

How do you like your Churros? Contact us to find out more about our amazing Churros services in Bangkok!

Best Churros Thailand

Best home-made Churros

Come and try our tasty traditional Churros

Churros Delivery

Traditional Churros delivered directly to your doorstep

Secret Churros Garden

Enjoy our delicious Churros in our Secret Churros Garden just next to K Village