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Shaped Churros

Add a fun twist to your Churros with our heart shaped Churros for your gifts or events.

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Traditional Churros

Come and try our delicious home-made Churros at our Secret Churros garden or get them delivered to your doorstep!

Heart shaped Churros Bangkok

Kids Churros

Kids love Churros! That’s why we make colorful & original Churros especially for kids. est our CHurros catering service for your kids birthday party!

Bangkok Churros

A Churro is a kind of fried doughoriginally from Spain and also found in latin America and French cuisine. The name churro is originally from Spain, Hispanic America and Brazil. In Spain, churros can either be thin, short, or long and thick. They are usually eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate or coffee. Sugar is often sprinkled on top.

Bangkok Churros mania offers home-dame Churros to deliver to your doorstep, to savor in our secret Churros Garden or try our Churros catering services for your events! Churros are originally from Spain but have been rapidly widespread in France (especially south of France), and we are using our granny churros secret recipe to bring you the best Churros you will find in Bangkok!

Bangkok Churros

Churros are not so famous in Thailand, but they are so popular in Europe and USA. Usually served during fun events and locations such as fun fair, entertainment parks, lakes, beaches, Churros convey the feeling of fun and joy. We decided to bring our granny Churros recipe from France to Bangkok to make you discover real traditional Churros in Bangkok. We are using our secret recipe to make our Churros tasty and far from the industrial Churros you can find in Bangkok.

If you are looking for a savory dessert and want to try something new, you will get surprised by our home-made Churros. Our Bangkok Churros come with chocolate dipping or you can request the dipping of your choice. They are simply perfect, warm chewy but at the same time still fluffy. Get our Bangkok Churros delivered to your doorstep with our Bangkok Churros delivery service or enjoy them at our prime Churros location in Bangkok.

traditional Bangkok Churros

Your Bangkok Churros comes in many shapes and sizes. Especially relevant for event, where you want to impress your guests, ask us for customized shapes based on your tastes or event theme. Offer our heart-shaped Bangkok Churros to your loved one as a surprise gift or offer our candy cane-shaped Bangkok Churros to your kids for Christmas, our shaped Churros are perfect for any occasion and celebration!

Our shaped Churros comes with sugar coating and our delicious home-made chocolate dip. Add a fun twist to your event with our customized shaped Bangkok Churros!

Heart shaped churros

Kids love Churros! Savoring Churros remind you of your childhood when you were going to the beach or to the funfair with your parents? Churros is usually associated with a fun and relaxing family moment, a great occasion to share delicious Churros and good time together. Offer the same sharing and fun times to your kids with our Bangkok Churros. For their birthday or just because you love them and want to give them the best, we offer original, customized, and colorful Churros for your children in Bangkok.

Our Bangkok Churros catering service might be booked through different options:

We can either deliver our fresh home-made Churros to your birthday venue at your convenience or we can join the birthday party with our staff and Churros food cart to offer unlimited hot Churros during your special celebration.

Kid Churros Bangkok

To summarize, our Bangkok Churros can be directly delivered to you, can be savored in our Secret Churros Garden or you can opt for our traditional Bangkok Churros catering services for your celebration. Our Bangkok Churros are home-made from our granny secret recipe, comes in different shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors and are just waiting for you to be savored with friends and family!

Contact us now to taste pour traditional Bangkok Churros!

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Come and try our tasty traditional Churros

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Traditional Churros delivered directly to your doorstep

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Enjoy our delicious Churros in our Secret Churros Garden just next to K Village