Churros garden

Have an amazing time in churros garden, where you can relive all of your memories by having varieties of churros that are full of deliciousness and all rich tastes in which it comes by. Where churros garden becomes your favorite food the garden of churros is where you need to be, whether you want the tastiest churros in the garden or takeout and decide to eat it wherever you like to complete your day and share it with someone you care about.

So let us invite you in our churros venue, spreading joy and happiness by having delicious churros that gives you the best feeling of the moment, nicely fresh made, crunchy, fluffy, beautifully shaped and designed with the perfect amount of sweetness especially preserved for you.Churros garden will be also welcoming you back with the different treats and delicacy to surprise you over and over again, because we like to keep our guests happy and in return we receive their appreciation and compliments towards our delicious cuisines and hard work

Churros garden Bangkok

Best churros shop in Bangkok

Best churros shop in Bangkok welcomes you as our guests to the most wonderful churros garden where young and adults can live themselves out to the ultimate, our churros are perfectly fresh with delicious sauce that you can pour or dip your churros in. We will use our skills to provide you Disneyland like made and baked churros and bring a piece of Disneyland to you in Bangkok churros garden.

Traditional or basic churros straight out of a fryer made or baked, with beautiful different shapes which taste freaking good, perfectly crispy exterior sprikelend and dusted in cinnamon sugar and that soft and fluffy bite of churro will chase you everywhere you go. Wonder where you will have the best churros garden in Bangkok that can meet your expectation, because the best hand made churros are always delicious with great scent and tastes to win over and over again and in churros garden opportunities to experience varieties of churros to give you a mountain full of joy.

Churros garden Bangkok

Hot Churros venue

Hot churros venues are perfect to host an event and get everyone together for a friendly occasion, birthday parties, events that you might have planned. At hot churros venue you will be able to experience live cooking, baking the best churros while the churros are prepared for you, where at a hot churros venue we like to spoil our guests with the best cuisines handmade at our hot churros venue.

Hot churros venue gives the option to be in a special decorated place, where everything is dressed up to the wishes of our guests and the party hosts, where you can also go wild and have a party with freshly made cuisines, dishes with deliciousness that is available for everyone. We are happy to be at your service any time and improvised always to your wishes, so do not wait any longer and find us quickly.

Best Churros venue Bangkok

Best Churros location: The Churros Garden

The churros garden is one of the best churros locations in Bangkok, where we provide quality service through our freshly made and baked churros that you can enjoy with all of your friends and loved ones at one of our favorites venue/shop: Our churros garden. We can be the proper professional service that thinks of everything and likes to provide you with extra services to make your day, party or event complete to the fullest. You are our main stars when entering one of our venues and deserve the best of everything.

Moreover, we offer fn and entertaining activities on site such as petanque, foosball, Jacuzzi chilling and even our own VR room to play Virtual reality! This of our Churros garden for your next kid birthday party or small event.

Play petanque Bangkok

Best home-made Churros

Come and try our tasty traditional Churros

Churros Delivery

Traditional Churros delivered directly to your doorstep

Secret Churros Garden

Enjoy our delicious Churros in our Secret Churros Garden just next to K Village